[Note] – This website is getting an overhaul ‘soon’ to make it somewhat more interactive and interesting. Just plain text messages with links here and there for now…

[21 March 2018] – Exactly one week from now, on 28 March, I will be defending my PhD dissertation at Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Currently busy with preparing my ‘layman’s speech’. Exciting times, looking forward to it!

[8 February 2018] – Throwback Thursday: it’s been a while since I got interviewed by KPMG about some of my research on lean implementation in IT outsourcing relationships. Please find the complete text of the interview here in case you’re interested!

[1 February 2018] – About to submit another paper to a top-level journal. A cornerstone of my PhD work. Hope to be able to share some details soon!

[10 January 2018] – One of my published articles has been nominated for best paper in the area of medical informatics for the year 2017. What an honor – feeling grateful!

[20 November 2017] – Yes! I just received wonderful news: my PhD thesis has been approved by the examination committee! Really happy right now, a moment worthy of celebration!

[2 October 2017] – Today I will start as a Business Analyst within the Digital Customer Journey team at Athlon International, part of Daimler Financial Services. Looking forward to meeting new people and starting with a new challenge – full of energy and motivation!

[1 September 2017] – Cheers, the publication spree continues. Our article entitled “The role of Lean principles in supporting knowledge management in IT outsourcing relationships” has been accepted for publication in Knowledge Management Research & Practice.

[18 August 2017] – Another one in the basket: our article entitled “Identifying and Eliminating Inefficiencies in Information System Usage: A Lean Perspective” has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Medical Informatics!

[28 July 2017] – My PhD thesis is nearing completion! A little over a month to go and really looking forward to ‘the final product’!

[27 July 2017] – Yes! Our article entitled “Workarounds Emerging From Electronic Health Record System Usage: Consequences for Patient Safety, Effectiveness of Care and Efficiency of Care” has been accepted for publication in JMIR: Human Factors!

[16 July 2017] – Hurray, I am now officially a certified Lean Black Belt. Looking back with joy at the training sessions and managing and carrying out a fantastic improvement project.

[11 May 2017] – Dutch Software ‘2.0’ is now live! Algolia works like a charm – browsing Dutch product software companies and related VCs has never been this much fun before :-). Be sure to check it out!

[25 April 2017] – Almost done with my Lean Black Belt program. Just signed up for certification, can’t wait!

[24 April 2017] – We now list 300 companies and 30 VCs at Dutch Software. A new version of the website – Dutch Software 2.0 – will be launching soon!

[20 February 2017] – We now list over 280 companies at Dutch Software. On towards the magical number 300.

[9 February 2017] – Great news! My article entitled “Exploring Workarounds Related to Electronic Health Record System Usage: A Study Protocol” has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Medical Internet Research.

[16 November 2016] – Loads of interesting research going on with fascinating results! Also preparing a study protocol for submission to a journal on identifying, analyzing and classifying EHR workarounds. Fingers crossed!

[10 October 2016] – Hurray, we now list 250 Dutch ISVs in our Dutch Software database. A moment worthy of celebration and reflection. Onto the next 250!

[1 May 2016] – It’s rather quiet on this web page – the paper writing machine (me!) is working at full steam. Can’t wait to share the latest insights from my research – let’s hope for speedy peer-review processes!

[17 March 2016] – Today I gave a presentation at the 4th edition of the Dutch Software Industry Conference that took place at Spant! in Bussum. The title of my presentation was “The Dutch Software Industry in an International Context: Challenges & Opportunities“. Slides will be uploaded soon. It was a pleasure to get to see some of my old colleagues again and as a bonus: apparently my session was the most popular of all sessions that took place in the afternoon :-). Learning and enjoying it everytime I’m on stage – looking forward to the next opportunity.

[15 March 2016] – With Dutch Software we have reached a new milestone. 200 companies are now listed on our website. A moment worthy of celebration! Proud of what Ben and I have achieved thus far and looking forward to what the future holds. Onwards to 250 companies I say!

[28 February 2016] – I’ve had such a wonderful time at the IEEE 2016 International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics in Las Vegas. Great people, great atmosphere, great topics, and… great weather! Made many new contacts, received useful feedback on my work, and got to see some of the majestic natural wonders the USA has to offer. The Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and several other places were truly breathtaking. Can’t wait to return to the USA!

[4 February 2016] – Finalized my presentation for the IEEE 2016 International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics in Las Vegas entitled “A Meta-Modeling Technique for Analyzing, Designing and Adapting Healthcare Processes: A Process-Deliverable Perspective.” Looking forward to an interactive session!

[2 February 2016] – I have been asked to be a speaker at the Dutch Software Industry Conference taking place on 17 March. Stay tuned for more information – looking forward to the conference! See the full program here.

[18 January 2016] – From Tokyo to Las Vegas: I’ll be attending (and presenting at) the IEEE 2016 International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics in Las Vegas. Can’t wait to go there and meet a bunch of new people from all over the world!

[January 2016] – A while ago I got interviewed by KPMG about some of my research on lean implementation in IT outsourcing relationships. Please find the complete text of the interview here.

[September 2015] – Spent a couple of weeks in wonderful Japan, among others to present at the APMS’2015 conference in Tokyo. What a vibrant conference! And Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and many others are such wonderful places to have explored. The people and culture of Japan really holds a special place in my heart :-).

[July 2015] – Just started my academic activities at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam (more specifically the Emma Children’s Hospital), part of the University of Amsterdam. I will be identifying, analyzing and describing the positive and negative consequences of electronic health records (EHR) implementation in hospitals.

[5 January 2015] – Several months ago, the rector of Nyenrode Business Universiteit offered me the honorable opportunity to give a 30-minute presentation about my PhD project during the New Year opening. Today was the big day, and it was fabulous – a great honor to present some of my work and the basic Lean principles to over hundreds of interested and wonderful colleagues. And most importantly: it was a great learning experience.

[18 October 2014] – On 16 and 17 October I attended the European Lean IT Summit in Paris. Wonderful to meet so many like-minded and enthusiastic peers, coupled with exciting presentations from people like Daniel Jones, Jeff Sutherland, Mary Poppendieck and Jeff Gothelf. Presentations (videos and slides) can be found here! Already looking forward to next year.

[10 June 2014] – On 16 and 17 October I will be attending the 2014 edition of the European Lean IT Summit in Paris, France. Last year’s event was terrific – I highly recommend attending if you are looking for an event that combines great networking opportunities with gaining insight into the most recent and prominent developments concerning Lean IT.

[23 May 2014] – A press article about my new book Lean IT Partnering has been written. Read it here (again, unfortunately solely available in Dutch).

[20 May 2014] – My new book “Lean IT Partnering: How Partners Create Value by Developing a Lean Culture for IT Supply and Management” was launched today during an exciting public event at the LEArN Factory. Coverage can be found here (unfortunately solely available in Dutch).

[24 April 2014] – Today I gave a presentation at the Service Manager Day 2014. It was a magnificent day with wonderful speakers and enthusiastic attendees. The slide deck of my presentation will be online soon.

[5 April 2014] – I have been invited to speak at the Service Manager Day 2014 taking place on 24 April in Amsterdam. During my presentation I will share the latest insights on how to apply Lean in IT partnerships based on my book “Lean IT Partnering”.

[3 March 2014] – I keep showing this presentation by Mike Orzen at the European Lean IT Summit 2013 to anyone who has an interest in Lean transformations. It is just so spot-on – I highly recommend watching it.

[11 February 2014] – Today I attended the 2nd edition of the annual Dutch product software congress in Zeist. A great program with lots of interesting speakers and networking opportunities! Looking forward to next year.

[31 January 2014] – Working on our journal article about Critical Success Factors for Lean IT Partnering. Such a heap of data at our disposal!

[17 January 2014] – Writing the last chapter for our upcoming book entitled Lean IT Partnering! Can’t wait to hold a physical copy in my hands!

[10 October 2013] – The proceedings of the 7th IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies (DEST) are now online! Please check out my publications page for more information.

[6 October 2013] – Just came home from the European Lean IT Summit 2013 in Paris. It was an amazing and insightful experience. I got the opportunity to network with a lot of wonderful people, learned a lot, exchanged research ideas, and much more! Looking forward to the next summit taking place in 2014!

[30 September 2013] – Today was my thesis defense. It was a great event with an interesting and cheerful discussion afterwards! And I also managed to graduate cum laude (GPA 4.0). The public version of my thesis entitled “Software in the Netherlands II” will be presented at the 2nd Annual Dutch Product Software Conference taking place in February 2014.

[19 June 2013] – On September 1 I will start as a PhD student in Lean Transformation in / with IT at Nyenrode Business University. Exciting times ahead!

[4 June 2013] – Two of my papers have been accepted and will be published in the proceedings of the 7th IEEE International Conference on Digital EcoSystems and Technologies (IEEE DEST 2013), to be held at Stanford University this summer! For more information, please check out my Publications page.

[24 April 2013] – The AutomatiseringGids wrote a little article about my research project!

[19 April 2013] – I recently purchased the book “Staying Power: Six Enduring Principles for Managing Strategy and Innovation in an Uncertain World” written by Michael Cusumano. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is willing to read a good book on platform management and strategy!

[13 April 2013] – Submitted our paper entitled “Complementor Embeddedness in Platform Ecosystems: The Case of Google Apps” to the 7th IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies (IEEE DEST2013)!

[28 March 2013] – Revamped some content on the website of our company Think Ecosystems.

[19 March 2013] – I had a wonderful day at the first Dutch Product Software Congress. Lots of interesting presentations, discussions and networking opportunities. Thanks to the organizers!

[17 March 2013] – Hurray! The website is up and running again. Old content still needs to be migrated. This ‘mini blog’ will be updated with interesting stuff as time progresses.